Here’s what you need to pack for Iceland

You’ve finally done it! You’ve booked your trip! Now, here’s what you need to PACK for your next trip to Iceland!

Congratulations, you!

But now you need to pack. It’s not always easy to pack even when you know exactly what to take, much less when you just aren’t quite sure. This handy infographic is here to help! Iceland is a wild place with rugged terrain and a variety of temperatures and weather to deal with. And you certainly want to be prepared to take advantage of the thermal pools! No matter what time of year you visit, keep this helpful list in mind.

What you need to pack for your next trip to Iceland:

Travel With Raelinn - Pack for Iceland

And if you’re looking for more in-depth info on exactly what you need to pack for your next trip to Iceland, head over to my affiliate partner Iceland Travel and get the insider info you need. They’ll recommend in more detail the kinds of comfy shoes, gear, outerwear and gadets that will make your visit to Iceland all the better. You can also book a trip there if you haven’t already chosen on a final destination or what kind of Iceland Adventure you really want. There are so many wonderful options from Northern Lights during winter and the famous thermal pools to trekking and waterfalls and more!

If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly HERE on my contact form for more about what you need to pack for your next trip to Iceland or to book your travel directly with me instead of my affiliate partner. I’ve visited Iceland myself several times and really LOVE it! So I can make well-informed recommendations for LOADS of incredible sights, sounds, meals and activities like visiting waterfalls, Blue Lagoon or other thermal pools, museums, tucked away fishing villages and more.


– Raelinn

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