It’s time you went to Iceland. Really.

If you haven’t been yet, it’s time you went to Iceland and also the perfect time to start planning your next trip. My mom turned 80 this year and took her on an epic trip this summer that included a visit to Iceland. We visited Reykjavik and also took a couple of excursions in the car to see Kirkjufellfoss and to the Blue Lagoon. The landscape of Iceland alone is reason enough to go. But the cities, the food and the wonderful thermal pools are even more enticing, not to mention the wintertime light show that the Aurora Borealis brings.

I’m including a couple of stunning videos below to get you inspired and links to my fantastic travel partnership Iceland Travel who can create custom tours for you…anything from self-driving to bespoke and fully guided. Click over and you’ll soon be on your way! Start planning your Iceland trip now.

If you have any questions at all, would like more guidance or for fully bespoke options, contact me directly and we’ll be on our way!

Plan your trip to the Westfjords…
Plan your trip to Reykjavik now!

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